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My Profile/My Journey

My name it Sandra M Schriefer and I am happily divorced 28 years and a doctor of MMS,Tong Ren Therapist/Practitioner and Wellness Consultant wearing many hats.

My journey began in July of "84 when my son, Robbie was diagnosed with a horrific disease of Friedreich's Ataxia.  I was always looking for answers and Robbie got Chiropractic at the young age of 7 and Physical Therapy and played soccer and Tai Kwon Do until he could no longer do them. I was told at Robbie's diagnosis back on 7/10/84 that it was important to keep him active for his muscles and nervous system.  

In January of '99 when someone from my country and western dance world, Priscilla, introduced me to a search for more information about my own health challenges which forged me on to assist my son, Robbie with his death sentence of this horrific disease of Friedreich's Ataxia.

My mom died of breast cancer at the early age 69 and I didn't know how, but I knew in my soul that I was not going to be a victim. So as life would have it and my passion to do whatever natural means to help myself, has ended up aiding Robbie too. At the very least it has given him and me QUALITY with QUANTITY of LIFE because at his diagnosis, they gave him 6 months, a year, 5 or 10 years and it was 30 this past 7/10/2014.  EVERY DAY that Robbie is still with me is a GIFT and not only because he is my son but because he has been my BEST TEACHER.

Another friend in my country world, Linda, when I asked her how her back was doing told me how she ended up having surgery but she still had pain and she became attuned to Reiki and told me how she could do it on herself and how her back pain had improved and she was able to go back to dancing. Well, that was all I needed to hear and within a short amount of time, I too became attuned to Reiki by Libbey Barnett, my Reiki Master.

I then found out about a course on healing at the Watertown Church of Spiritualism on healing and again that tugged at my heart. I left several messages with Rev. Mary there and no response so I decided to just show up. Guess what? She was away on vacation and didn't get my messages and even though the class was into the second week she hugged me and said welcome! There was even an extra chair because Spirit knew I was coming.

Another friend told me about this amazing herbalist, B.J. Wang, Herbalist and he told me about his Asian Learning Center a few doors down the street in Allston where they had weekly Guinea Pig classes of Tong Ren and was handicapped accessible so I would be able to bring Robbie and his girlfriend, Kim who had the same diagnosis.

Life was opening up in an entire new direction for me and I was willing and able to follow my heart/soul's journey to this new world.  I have learned to bend like the willow or break like the mighty oak so I was open to create change in my life, Robbie's and any one else who wanted more knowledge of what I do and I LOVE TO SHARE!

Reiki fascinated me and the healing class BJ's in Allston watching the unknown not knowing what to expect but to see others in the class waiting their turn and saying how they felt the energy and voicing the progress some had made because they constantly come to the classes what was went on at that first class of Tong Ren.   Again I was so excited and couldn't wait to tell Robbie all about it so he would come which he did and then of course Kim came to the next class.  
The first few classes Tom was away in Beijing, China so Chad Dupuis was the facilitator.  was so amazing. John Choi, a young Acupuncturist who also was one of the volunteers at these classes took my breath away when he used his hands to pull energy down that night that Ron and I brought Rob and Kim. She too had Friedreich's Ataxia and at times they went into a coughing jag which is part of the disease and Kim starting coughing loudly and John just came up behind her and waved his hand and within seconds, she calmed down and relaxed. Again, my heart tugged and said this too you are going to do Sandra.

Sometimes my passion sends people in the opposite direction because I get so excited and Tong Ren did that too, however, I stuck to my guns and surged forward and this was April of '05 when first went to Tong Ren and in October that year I went to Tom Tam's seminar to learn The Tong Ren Healing System and it opened up a whole new world complimented ALL that has been coming my way over the years since Robbie's diagnosis and the science behind the healing power of Tong Ren and being open to the receiving  the HEALING CHI of Tong Ren using the Collective Unconscious.

You don't have to believe, you only need to give permission and say yes. Feeling is Believing! Kim has since past of this horrific disease.but that hasn't stopped me from bringing forth more of what has come my way since and NOW. 

At Rob's diagnosis back in 1984, the doctor after the tests he had done, said that Robbie had 6 months, a year, five or 10 years to live.  I didn't like that diagnosis then and I like it even less now because I BELIEVE THAT GIVING SOMEONE A DEATH SENTENCE IS BARBARIC because only God or Spirit knows when he will call each of us home.

Unfortunately, Rob believed this diagnosis and so did my family and still and on a bad day, he in a total melt down, yelling at me, said "NO MATTER WHAT WE DO, I AM STILL GOING TO DIE FROM THIS DISEASE", I looked at Robbie with so much calm I could not believe it myself and said "AND IF YOU BELIEVE IT, YOU WILL" and then I quietly left his apartment which was handicap accessible and cried all the way home hating that doctor for having filled my family and Robbie's head with that kind of crap.

I personally knew 3 others besides Rob and one of which was Kim and they were related and ALL 3 are gone now and I still kept an open mind to be of some help to Robbie no matter what.

I personally believe that Robbie's QUALITY and QUANTITY of LIFE to be with us has lasted due to
ALL the GIFTS that I have accepted into my life to help all of us.

Robbie loves receiving the energy of Tong Ren Healing and also the Tui Na that I also learned which is over 4,000 years old and TCM which is Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture is over 3,000 years old TCM and all the many supplements that straightened out his very bent and deformed toes of 17 years..  Unfortunately, it was very expensive and we had to stop.

Rob always use to get on my 3 o'clock which his PCA/Caregiver would dial in for him and he was always included in all the calls being in the COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS of our Universe.

His van was so unreliable and old, ready for the van cemetery but it was gifted to us for $1 from GLSS and we were all so grateful to have it so that at any given time, whoever stopped by could take Robbie out to the beach, or concert, shopping, doctors appointment or just a change of scenery that we loved at Lake Quannapowitt in Wakefield, MA, etc. instead of the long waits for the RIDE.  Though grateful for the RIDE System, it is so much nicer to drive Robbie by myself without the lengthy waits, Before Robbie went into the electric wheelchair and I could dismantle his Quicky wheelchair and put it in my trunk, we would go to Nahant Beach and I would roller skate pushing Robiie in his chair and we both loved to do that and it always brought his amazing smile to light at whatever we did.

Rob's sister, Danielle organized a fundraiser with family and friends to get him a new van for his power chair so I could bring him to more healing Tong Ren classes and he could get out with me to the beach and his concerts that he so loves so much where his sister or friends would take him to. He loves his music.  I was able to take him to the 4th of July concerts on the Esplanade with Ron and the kids and also with Julie and all the while as life happened and enjoyed, I have NEVER GIVEN UP and had high hopes that I will find that magic key as Tom Tam has said, and open the lock to release that old paradigm that everyone dies from this disease.

They said that about the 4 minute mile. It was anatomically and physically impossible for the human anatomy to run faster then 4 minutes, it would kill them. Well, guess what? Roger Banister in 1956 did run faster then 4 minutes and did not die and others did too and he ran it a hundred times.

My mom taught by example and gave met THEE MOST INCREDIBLE VALUES

I imagine Rob as being the first to beat this horrific disease and assist others on their journeys in this life and with God's help, this will happen. Unfortunately, I cannot do this for Rob, it is each individuals personal choice and I pray that he finds his MAGIC KEY. I had to let go and let God so I can continue my journey as a healer as was all along in God's plan and now mine.

I also took 4 workshops on the Yuen Method of healing, also energy healing work.
My Mission Statement is to be that beacon of light attracting others to me to assist them on their journey educating them on the Eastern way of regaining their health and wellness and I am doing just that.  I hope to travel all around the world educating and sharing what I have learned and will learn and share as I travel  this lifetime with eyes open to all that resonates with my being.

I started to volunteer at the Guinea Pig class that I attended in Allston every week thanks to my friend , Pat, who dragged me up to the front with the other therapists and I branched out from there. I got closer to home and joined Adel's GP Class in Swampscott to tap with him and the other tappers that come to help. That was in July '07 and assisted Monica in Medford at her classes for years, then Moira at hers and also to Haverhill classes when I could make it.

Everyone kept asking me when I was going to do my own Guinea Pig Class and I would say, "when the right one bites me on the butt". Well, that happened too one night in Haverhill when 10 people had the same complaint of Thyroid issues.

I too had been on a medication for Thyroid for 12 1/2 years that was destroying my bone density and knew that I had to do something to get off my med and I did and now I get to assist others for my personal passion to do the same as they heal.

I started my own class of The Thyroid and Endocrine System as a birthday present to Tom Tam on April 1, 08 at the Swampscott Church of Spiritualism and soon to follow started a conference call of the same on Earth Day that month, April 22nd.

After a business trip to California where.did a lot of Tong Ren on everyone who was willing during that intense weekend, I added an afternoon call to accommodate the PT zone at noontime for them and 3pm here ET Zone and during my live class at Swampscott the 5:30 pm I incorporated a Conference Call during my 5:30pm class to reach more people, to broaden my territory to reach the masses as Tom dream grows.

Tuesday is my Tong Ren Healing Day which are FREE and I have been doing them coming up 6 years which started out with 1 and soon added the 2nd and then the 3rd with 3 conference calls starting at
 7am, 3pm and 5:30pm ET Zone and 1 hour long on
The Conference Call number is
            712 432 3900 with ID7501379# and *6  
for any noise in your background and put on speaker for hands free and also if there are others in the room including pets, they all receive the Healing CHI of Tong Ren .
That was when the calls and class was a half hour long and now because I have added the Neo Cortex Headset that Tom Tam created, they are an hour long.

People need to register for SKYPE so that I can do sessions over the internet and everyone must have SKYPE which is FREE.  Anyone can download it at : and my personal address is 444ENERGYWORKER or by my email:  so that I can accept them to my SKYPE ADDRESS BOOK. I have more info on my website/blog at: WWW.444ENERGYWORKER.COM in the Tong Ren Section.  Besides phone sessions, I also do sessions on SKYPE one on one or group and Pets too.

November of '07 I became a member of the Swampscott Church of Spiritualism where I have also joined the many other healers of the church and do healing every Sunday at the 10:30 AM service.

May of 2008, I also was certified in doing Acustone Sessions (which is hot stones down the spine and with hot stones in hand, I do The Tong Ren Healing System on the head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, torso, buttocks, legs and feet) It is an hour and a half-2 hours of relaxation and healing. It is amazing! I can say that because I have had it done by Monica and when she decided to teach it, AGAIN MY HEART LEPT, and I knew that I would do this too to compliment Tong Ren.

I also do Tong Ren Sessions on the phone one on one or in groups in increments of 15 minutes for  and all this info and the prices are on my site at: WWW.444ENERGYWORKER.COM

I know that my journey has miles to go before I sleep and having the privilege of working with Tom Tam drives me to learn more and more as he always comes up with something new and exciting to add to his method of healing. I thank you Tom from the bottom of my heart not just for myself but for all those I touch in some way and especially for the light you have brought to my son, Rob and with a quick call to me, I can fix that neck that bugs him or his knee or some complaint he might have that he can call me to fix over the phone.

I am so BLESSED for the light you have giving to me. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Tom!

Yet again, I added the missing piece of the puzzle and became a doctor of MMS in April of 2012.   Master Mineral Solution is what the letters stand for.  My friend, Heidy introduced me to it in June of 2011 when she told me about it during one of our quick get togethers in regards for her selling my home. 

She peeked my interest in becoming a doctor of MMS  before I even tried it with her into to it and Heidy also gave me the MMS & CA and I was on my way to controlling what was happening to me with my health challenges that I couldn't seem to beat with everything else that I was doing. 

The Missing Link turned up and then I kept adding to the Protocols and they all made a difference in my well being. Heidy gave me a lot of info so that I could view the video and the paper work and what was online and I just kept adding and got so I wanted like Heidy to become a doctor of MMS and help others like me to gain control of their lives and health that would only compliment Tong Ren and all that I do.

Then it came the email that LEPT AT ME AGAIN of going to the Dominican Republic and being taught by Jim Humble of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing for me to become a Reverend of this Church which is not a religion but a church where I would be a Minister of Health and Healing.  Jim's Mission is to create a DISEASE FREE PLANET and that has been my goal right along with Tong Ren.

I have the TOOLS, the ever changing ever growing knowledge to find the answers and the courage to follow through with what I believe it true and good for me and mankind and all living things.
I take what seriously and conviction for Rob has been "THE WIND BENEATH MY WINGS" and I so blessed for him choosing me to be his mom this time around in this lifetime.

My mom, Laura has played a big roll from all she fed me with sayings that pushed me forward and the best one WAS and IS, "GARDEN STYLE PERSISTENCE IS THE ESSENCE OF GENIUS". 
I believe that has been my driving force that from Spirit, my mom is proud of me for planting the seeds, giving them love, sunlight and water and thou it has taken me too long in my time, Divine Time is making is ALL COME TO FRUITION as I type this. 

Thank you Jim Humble from the bottom of my Heart/Soul for the missing piece of the puzzle, the key that unlocked the door for me and anyone else who will be courageous enough like me to "ALWAYS DO WHAT IS RIGHT" which is what you live by and I follow that lead.

I have compiled so many tools in my toolbox this lifetime and the greatest of all is LOVE. Love for myself first and my fellow man.

I thank ALL my TEACHERS since the get go and I especially thank my mom and dad for I AM BLESSED because I got my father's HEART and my mother's GUMPTION and the DRIVE to move forward NO MATTER THE OBSTACLES and first and foremost I thank Rob for I wouldn't and couldn't have done any of this if it weren't for Rob, THE GREATEST GIFT OF ALL to me and my family, I wouldn't have learned the LESSONS.